About Back To Zero

Back To Zero (BTZ) is an exciting versatile party band based out of Arlington, Virginia. Founded in 1999, BTZ has become famous for amazing musicianship and a high energy stage show. Back To Zero showcases a powerhouse of talent and energy that will keep crowds dancing all night long. Back To Zero was nominated "best band in the Washington, DC Area" in the WUSA 9 A List competition (see http://wusa9.cityvoter.com/Details.aspx?p=7417).

The standard lineup features five experienced and talented musicians who have been playing together since early 2005. Front man Ronnie Gordon is a natural entertainer who possesses a dynamic vocal ability and a unique talent for connecting with audiences. Ronnie is also the band leader and a founding member. Garey Morgan plays drums, sings backup vocals and is a professional quality sound engineer. He and Ronnie have played music together since they were grade school kids. Garey is the BTZ timekeeper and is the foundation of the band's groove. Rick Seracino, in adition to having a Masters Degree in Music Education and  faculty teaching position, is 
a wizard on the keys and is able to replicate intricate keyboard, string, and brass parts note for note. Tommy Ziegler is simply a monster on the bass. His bass lines are funky and full of energy. He also pitches in with backup vocals and even sings lead on a couple of tunes. Scott Ready, a self professed guitar geek, joined the band to add a powerful guitar voice to the band. Specializing in rock, funk, soul, and other genres, Scott graduated from nearby George Mason University and has been performing professionally for over 35 years. 

For large venues or upon request, we are also able to expand our musical library with the addition of a female vocalist and or saxophonist, which continues to maintain the Back to Zero flavor...but with a twist!

Check out the set list and see that BTZ fills shows with only the best dance and party music. Enjoy recent music by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Justin Timberlake, Outkast, Maroon 5, and Lenny Kravitz. Rewind to the 80's and experience classics by Michael Jackson, Prince, Van Halen, Kool & the Gang, and Cameo. Retro to the 70's and hear music from Earth Wind and Fire, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, the Commodores, Sly, Ohio Players and Rick James.

One of the truly unique features of BTZ is it's versatility. The band features an expansive set list that spans a wide range of musical genres. Over the past year, Back To Zero has performed at events and venues such as corporate parties, fraternity parties, weddings, casinos, outdoor summer concerts, as well as the bar and club circuit. Back To Zero regularly performs through out the Mid-Atlantic region.

On Tap Magazine 2014 January edition has Back to Zero as "One of the Coolest Cover Bands in the DC area.