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For the past several years, BTZ has been blessed with a loving audience and some wonderful fans... As our fan base continues to grow, all of us in Back To Zero just want to say thank you!  All of you who have supported us...to all of you that show up to the public performances and cheer us on...We wanted to step back and take this time to show you all how much we appreciate your support. Without a doubt, the Zeroids have taken the chant..."I Pledge Allegiance, to Back to Zero" to a level that we are proud to hear. Thank you from all of us in BTZ and God Bless you all. 

Back to Zero at Hollywood Casio - Sept 29, 2019

Back to Zero at Hollywood Casio - Sept 29, 2019

A huge Thank You! to Robin Williams for the photo shoot at Dockside !

Since BTZ can't get out for any live shows, we thought this Christmas Medley would be appropriate at this time of the year. Happy Holidays & Stay Safe!!” - BTZ

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